Mission Exploration Team

The Mission Exploration Team, or MET, has been called to help prepare the way for new pastoral leadership at St. John's Lutheran Church.  The team was formally installed on the weekend of November 11th and has meetings planned from now until the early portion of 2018.  The MET will be reviewing information gathered from the 2011 MET Report, 2012 TAG Report, and the 2016 Listening and Understanding sessions.  After gaining a firm understanding of where we have been, we will be speaking with small groups and individuals on where we are today and where we want to be.  With the help of the congregation our hope is to understand the mission and vision of the Church, compile it into a report to be approved by the Church council, voted upon by the congregation, and then submitted to the Synod.  From there a St. John's Call Committee will be formed to guide the Synod in the selection of a pastor.


Please feel free to contact us at any time by email at met@makedisciples.com or speak to the team members.  Your MET members are:

  • Mark Aamot

  • Mary Almasi

  • Benji Salinas

  • Carolyn Krause

  • Jordan Larson

  • Stephanie Mauck

  • Melissa Seamonson

  • Rich Warp

  • Ralph Zick

  • Pastor Frank Janzow


MET Report presented February 25, 2018

Click here to view the MET Report presentation and click here to view the MET Synod report presented to the congregation on February 25. The congregation will vote to accept this report at a special meeting on March 18.



MET Ministry Message from the Inspire

The birth of Christ which we celebrated during Christmas and now in Epiphany spells new

beginnings for us all. The same Jesus Christ, later ascended and his throne said this: “Behold, I am making all things new.”


St John’s is preparing itself for a new beginning this year, one our Lord has in store for us. During this time of pastoral transition, we’re asking the Holy Spirit to get us ready for new pastoral leadership. Your Mission Exploration Team (MET), under Mark Aamot’s leadership, hit the road running. They have reviewed the last MET Report and TAG Report, have gathered feedback from lots of small groups and teams, including the Staff and the Council. Now they

will come to you all with a survey, so that you can shape the St John’s future by letting us know what you see as our mission, strengths, needs, and dreams. In the new year, the MET Team will compile all they’ve learned into a description of St John’s profile, as well as summary of the kinds of gifts we need and seek in our next pastor.


This report will be used by the bishop to search for pastors who match St John’s. This MET Report will be shared with the entire congregation for feedback and any adjustments, and then be voted on at a special congregational meeting. Once approved, a Call Committee will be formed and begin their search. You’ll hear more about that phase early in the new year.


I have been thrilled with the MET Team’s progress, and fully anticipate that things will keep moving forward and be completed on time, if not sooner. God is good! The Spirit is clearly moving us forward. May the Spirit of God humbly prepare us for the positive new beginning already in the making!


Janzow, Pr. Frank. “New Beginnings in the Coming of Christ.” The Inspire, Jan. 2018, pp. 2–2.

MET Meeting Minutes

MET Minutes 01-23-18.pdf

MET Minutes 01-09-18.pdf

Meeting Minutes 12-19-17

Meeting Minutes 12-12-17

Meeting Minutes 11-28-17

Meeting Minutes 11-14-17

Meeting Minutes 11-7-17


MET Survey

The survey is closed.

Click here to view the MET presentation and click here to view the MET Synod report presented to the congregation on February 25.  The congregation will vote to accept this report at a special meeting on March 18.

March 20, 2018


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