Akeri Lutheran Parish 

St. John’s has been in partnership with Akeri Lutheran Parish since April 2008.

The Greater Milwaukee Synod partners with the Meru Diocese of Tanzania, which includes 22 other Milwaukee area churches who are partnering with parishes in the Meru district. For information on partnerships, click here.


Since the partnership began, we have developed many friendships, including the Pastor in Charge (currently Amani Akyoo), church elders and church parishoners.





Your flight circles above the peaks of Mt. Kilimanjaro and then you land in a country that will capture your heart and your soul.  That’s what you can be a part of if you join us for our trip to our sister congregation outside of Arusha, Tanzania.  Sharing time with our brothers and sisters in Christ at Akeri Parish is a never-to-be-forgotten experience.  So many people land at the international airport, get in a safari vehicle and head for the Serengeti.  And once they see the Big Five, they pack up their bags and head back home with the stories about the animals they’ve seen.  But they’ve missed the “real” Tanzania that we see when we are with the people at Akeri Parish who graciously welcome us and share their homes, their culture and their dreams with us.  We are blessed to experience their unlimited hospitality.  As a group, we explore the schools, medical facilities and projects that help provide income and water for the families in the Meru Diocese. 


You are invited to join Pastor Eric and other members of St. Johns who will be journeying to the “real” Tanzania to share time with Pastor Amani and the members of Akeri Parish.  And just in case you might be interested, we will be spending time at the end of our trip going on safari in the Serengeti area to view part of the annual wildebeest migration.  Please see the itinerary for the daily schedule and the cost information.  Andy Petersen or Gail Rennie would be happy to answer any questions you might have.      





We have sent four delegations to Akeri since 2008.

2008: included two of our previous pastors, Kristine and Scot Ruffatto, plus 19 others.

2010: included two of our previous pastors, Kristine and Scot Ruffatto, plus 13 others.

2012: included two members, Dave Kinnear and Andy Petersen. Their sole purpose was to be in relationship with the Akeri people and determine specific plans for an English speaking medium school they hoped to build on their property.

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2013: included our new pastor, Jennifer Arnold, plus 9 others.



The needs of the Meru people are great. Their biggest concerns are hunger, malaria and education. In the Akeri area, hunger and malaria are not as big of a concern because of their positioning on Mt Meru. They live in a lush area not affected by droughts and they are blessed to not have as many mosquitos!


Education is the primary concern of the Akeri people. In 2010 they requested that St. John’s assist them in building an English speaking school on their property. They specifically wanted a school that would include Kindergarten aged children as being in school was a much better place for them as opposed to running around in the streets all day. Through the Spotlight Ministries program at St. John’s, we were able to provide them $30,000 (90% of the building costs) to build two buildings, totaling four classrooms.


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School Children 

Pastor Amani Akyoo 

 Mt. Meru

Akeri Women's Group 



July 18, 2019


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