Why do we do confirmation?

Confirmation is the process through which we share our faith stories and traditions with our middle school youth as they mature in their Christian faith and claim as their own the promises of Holy Baptism.    

How are these purposes accomplished?

Through Relationships :

  • With Parents
  • With Peers
  • With Mentors
  • With Caring, Christian Adults

Through Parental Involvement in the Child’s Discipleship:

  • At Home
  • At Church
  • In the World

Through Experiences:

  • Of Grace
  • Of Faith-Life Connections
  • Of Service
  • Of Worship

Through Freedom:

  • To Wrestle with Difficult and Scary Questions
  • To Be Honest about Doubts and Struggles

Through Understanding:

  • Of Scripture
  • Of Tradition and Theology (catechesis)

"The more you and your child participate in this ministry, the more likely you and she/he will find meaning in it and in the faith we strive to nurture in this ministry." Pastor Chris Duckworth, New Joy Lutheran Church,  Westifeld, IN



    Confirmation Overview



The 6th grade Confirmation year will provide a solid overview of the Bible focusing on conversations and lessons matching the weekly Bible readings in worship. If students do not yet have a Bible, please contact the office to get one. The class will meet on Sunday mornings.

The 7th and 8th grade confirmation classes will study Martin Luther, the Ten Commandments, Faith in Life, the Apostle’s Creed, the Lord’s Prayer, and the Sacraments. Using curriculum based in Luther’s Small Catechism the classes will learn how a Lutheran faith built in their lives today is rooted in ancient teachings.


       The 9th grade confirmation class will have five main components to their year:


                Mentor Relationships


                Lock-In – November – introduce Faith Statements


                Retreat – January – finalize faith statements with mentors


                Meeting with a pastor to discuss their faith statement


                Sunday Mornings with High School Group

         In February our students participate in the Affirmation of Baptism Service

January 20, 2019


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