Two Year Old Daily Schedule

 9:00 – 9:20  Free Play and Art Time

E3 2-14


 9:20 – 9:35  Circle Time


 9:35 – 9:55  Large Muscle Time 


 9:55 – 10:15  Bathroom Break & Snack


10:15 – 10:20  Christian Education


10:20 – 10:40  Free Play


10:40 – 10:45  Clean Up


2013-14 E3b

10:45– 11:00  Circle Time & Goodbye



What is the age requirement for the Two Year Old Class?

Children enrolling in the Two Year Old Class must be 2 years old by September 2, 2020. Children can join after their 2nd birthday throughout the school year based on available openings.

What are the days and times for the Two Year Old Class?

Our Two Year Old Class is two mornings per week, Tuesday and Thursday, from 9-11:00a.m.

Does my child need to be potty trained? Jan 2015 E3 kitchen
No, potty training is not required. Please include diapers or Pull-Up’s in your child’s backpack if he or she is learning to use the bathroom regularly or for the occasional accident.


How do you share the Christian faith in Preschool?

St.John’s Preschool is part of the Children, Youth and their Families ministry at St. John’s Lutheran Church. We are a Christ-centered preschool where prayers and Christian Education time are part of each day. Holidays, including religious holidays, are celebrated. We do recognize, respect and encourage a culturally diverse experience for all children.

Tell me about your curriculum.
St. John’s Preschool teaches a Playing to Learn curriculum that features activities to facilitate learning and growing. Skills are age-appropriate and are introduced, taught on a daily basis and reinforced throughout the school year. Our teachers guide learning through planned, fun engaging activities that nurture each child’s development in all the ways that are important to them. Our teachers recognize that each child learns at their own rate.

This is a general guideline to St. John’s Two Year Old Class:

Social Skills

Making friends and maintaining friendships, playing cooperatively with other children, beginning to use turn-taking in play, and participating in social activities.

Language Skills - Expressive

Speaking skills; expressing wants, needs and thoughts verbally, using language to interact with peers, a range of vocabulary, and using speech that can be understood knowing an Two year old is more able to understand than to verbalize.

Language Skills - Receptive

Listening skills; responding to verbal requests knowing an Two year old requires modeling or demonstration along with verbal directions, and recognizing common sounds in the environment.

Early Literacy Skills

Interest in reading activities.

Small Muscle Skills

Eye-hand coordination, and exploring materials of different textures.

Large Muscle Skills

Balance, coordination, and sense of direction e.g. up, down, beside.

Self-regulation Skills

Adjusting to change in routine, consistency of behavior and mood, labeling emotions of others, showing a range of emotions, learning to express anger and frustration appropriately, understanding the consequences of behaviors, and beginning to use words to solve problems with peers.

Classroom Skills

Following the daily classroom routine, transitioning from one activity to another, and paying attention during group activities.

What is the average class size?

The average class size for our Two Year Old Class is 8-10 children.


Can I enroll after preschool has begun in September?

Yes, we always welcome new students throughout the school year based on available openings.

What and when is Snack Time?

There is Snack Time in the middle of each preschool day.

St. John’s Preschool Healthy Snack Program provides nutritional foods that children will enjoy each day at snack time for a nominal fee.  The Healthy Snack List is posted weekly in each classroom. A complete list of the foods and recipes are available by request.


As educators, we recognize the importance of healthy eating as part of how Preschoolers are growing and developing.  Research shows that proper nutrition including wholesome and minimally-processed foods helps brain development, better focus and attention as well as instilling good eating habits. Many foods will be offered during snack time that will include a variety of fruit and vegetables, grains and protein.


St. John’s Preschool is a peanut-free and tree-nut free school.


We recognize and work with parents of children with food allergies and/or dietary restrictions.

Birthday and holiday snacks may include some sweet treats. 



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