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St. John’s Adults Ministries

Adult Education

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, adult education will practice social distancing.  Women and men get together to study scripture – Old and New Testament – or a book on contemporary issues and apply it to our everyday lives. We work to get a mutual understanding of the texts/book we are studying in an informal and friendly fashion. A number of our participants come every week and others come when they can – there is always a benefit to the participant.

Classes are virtual discussions. Go to the Adult Education tab on SignUp Genius for class times and to register to receive the Zoom links.

St. John’s Academy is part of adult education at St. John’s.  Occasionally, guest lecturers will discuss topics in a more in-depth presentation. Recordings of recent lectures are below.

December 5, 2021     Pastor Kris Ruffatto  “Psalms”

December 12, 2021     Pastor Kris Ruffatto “Prophets and the Future”

This virtual group, led by Pastor Karen Natterstad, is open to all. Join at any time.

Tuesday nights
7:00-8:15 p.m.

Sign up to get the Zoom link.


Bible Basics returns with a three-session study of the book of Proverbs, the book of Ecclesiastes, and the book of Job.  These three make up the Old Testament wisdom literature, and together they teach us an important lesson about the meaning of life.

January 5 – SESSION 1




In this 6-session course, you will be introduced to how to read the Bible. It’s
actually many books, and contains various literature styles. You’ll also get an
overview of one story that runs through it – a God of justice, who is going to set
things right. With each literary style, we’ll also review a Bible passage about justice to learn what it might say to our current day concerns.

October 6 – SESSION 1
How to Read the Bible, Exodus 3:7-10 “I have come down to deliver them.”

Bible Basics – October 6, 2020

October 20 – SESSION 2
Laws in the Bible, Deuteronomy 19:18 “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

Bible Basics October 20, 2020

Living the Faith

November 3 – SESSION 3
Prophets & Poetry in the Bible, Micah 6:8 “What does the Lord require of you?”

Bible Basics – November 3, 2020

November 17 – SESSION 4
Narrative in the Bible, Matthew 1:18-25 Joseph, the righteous

December 1 – SESSION 5
Jesus’ parables in the Bible, Luke 18:1-8 The Persistent Widow

December 15 – SESSION 6
Letters in the Bible, Romans 12:9-21 Marks of A Christian


In the St John’s Library we have books and DVDs that may be checked out on such topics as Christian Living, Parenting, Luther, the Bible, Biblical History, and much more. We also have a large collection of materials for small group discussions.

Small Groups

Our group comes together to discuss the books we read and how they relate to our lives. A wide variety of books are selected. While the book is the catalyst for discussion, our main focus is on community and connection with each other. We meet at 7:00 p.m. the third Friday of each month at the home of the hostess for the month. The hostess provides beverages and light snacks.

Meet: 7:00 p.m., third Friday of each month (except December), in homes.

For more information, contact Patrice.

This group meets monthly in the home of a group member who leads the discussion of the book. At the end of the program year, we gather to decide on our reading list for the following year based on suggestions of the members.

Meet third Tuesday of each month during the school year.

For more information, contact Darlene, Barb or Judy.

Co-Ed Groups

This group grows in faith through Bible study and other resources.

Meet: 7:00 p.m., 8 weeks in the fall, 8 weeks prior to Easter

For more information, contact Kyle.

This is a bible study that focuses on contemporary faith issues. We typically use DVD supported learning by people such as Max Lucado and John Ortberg.

Meet: 6:00 p.m., weekly during the school year.

For more information, contact Steve.

Men’s Groups

This group meets for weekly book study and discussion.

Meet: 6:15 a.m., weekly

For more information, contact Chris.

It is a time to grow in our relationship with God and other Christian men through book discussion. The group alternates from discussing a book of interest and discussing books of the Bible. Bring a mug of coffee and join us for some fellowship and meaningful discussion with other Christian men.

Meet: 8:00 a.m., weekly during the school year

For more information, contact Ralph.


This ministry group is a wonderful opportunity for retired men to enjoy a devotion, food and fellowship with one another. Stories and experiences are exchanged over breakfast, on the first Thursday of the month, or lunch, which is held on the third Thursday of the month. Some of the men attend both meetings. The breakfast generally has 12-20 attendees and the lunch has 6-12. If you are a retired guy and have not come by yet, please join us at the next meeting. 

Meet: 8:00 a.m., first Thursday of the month
            12:00 p.m., third Thursday of the month

For more information, contact Jerry or Roy.

Men’s softball league for ages 18 and over. Participates in a league with 13 other church teams.

Meet: Monday nights, April-August

For more information, contact Brian.

Women’s Groups

This group meets for Bible study and to support each other in faith and in life.

Meet: 7:00 p.m., second and fourth Thursday during the school year

For more information, contact Carol

This group meets weekly in the youth room for yoga.

Meet: 10:00 a.m., Monday

For more information, contact Kathi

This women’s group meets to study and discuss materials that we feel will help us grow in our faith.

Meet: 1:00 p.m., third Monday

For more information, contact Janice

The Tuesday Morning Bible Study is comprised of women mostly over 55 with grown children. The group does both traditional bible study and spiritual books. The objective is to strengthen and care for one another, pursue growth in discipleship through study, education and prayer; and to share Jesus’s love with others. Expectations include honoring each other with respect and confidentiality.

Meet: 8:30 a.m., second and fourth Tuesday during the school year

For more information, contact LoAnn

Morning Circle Bible Study group. Social hour breakfast followed by a video Bible Study. Our group is for women in the church.

Meet: 9:30 a.m., second Wednesday of the month, September—May

For more information, contact Kathy

Want to
discuss ministries for adults?

Please contact us by email or call the Church Office.


(262) 786-6887

How to Pick a Bible

The Bible was originally written in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. Since most people can’t read these languages today, Bible scholars have provided versions of the Bible in English. There are basically two versions of the Bible today: Translations and Paraphrases.

Translations look at the original text and translate it into English. There are many Bible translations available today that fall somewhere on a continuum with Word-For-Word translations on one side and Thought-For-Thought on the other.

Paraphrases, on the other hand, make the Bible easier to understand. The translator rewrites the original text in his own words and style. A paraphrase is a great second Bible, but not good for study.

Here are some popular translations and one paraphrase, along with a brief explanation of them:

New American Standard Bible (NASB, Word-For-Word)
This is one of the most accurate translations for detailed study. Colleges and seminaries frequently recommend this translation for their students. It’s fairly challenging in some places because it holds so tightly to original texts. While it can be used for devotional reading, it is used more often for study. It is the most accurate, word-for-word to the original languages.

English Standard Version (ESV, Word-For-Word)
Another very accurate word-for-word translation of the Bible, the ESV, is good for study and devotional reading. The translators intent was to follow an “essentially literal” translation philosophy while taking into account differences of grammar, and syntax between current literary English and the original languages. This translation is used for the Scripture readings in worship at First Trinity and in our hymnal. Our national church body, the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod has chosen the ESV as its official translation.

New International Version (NIV, Thought-For-Thought)
The NIV is the best-selling Bible translation today. It has a good balance between precision (like a word-for-word translation) and being easy to read (like a thought-for-thought translation). The NIV is used widely for both devotional reading and Bible study.

New Living Translation (NLT, Thought-For-Thought)
The NLT allows for more creativity in translating from the original text than most other translations. Its very modern language and style helps to clarify the meaning of passages in a new way that’s designed to catch the reader’s attention. First Trinity’s Vacation Bible School curriculum uses the NLT for memory verses.

The Message (MSG, Paraphrase)
The Message paraphrase, written by biblical scholar Eugene Peterson, is current, creative and understandable. As a second Bible, it is great for seeing familiar passages in a new light, or learning how to share God’s word in your own words. It can be difficult to use in a small group or Bible study.

Need more information?

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