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First Communion

Do you feel your child is ready to receive their First Communion? 

At St. John’s we believe that children will indicate when they are ready to receive communion by showing an interest in the sacrament, asking questions about it, and asking to participate in it.  Whether your child is 2 or 22, they are welcome to the Lord’s Table here at St. John’s whenever you feel they are ready.

If you feel your child is ready to receive communion, please let Joanna know and fill out this form. We will schedule a “Communion Chat” with Pastor Brian 2-3 times a year for families to attend.

Answers to a Few Frequently Asked Questions

At what age should my child take communion?

Many years ago at St. John’s children needed to wait until 5th grade to take Holy Communion. That shifted almost a decade ago to St. John’s welcoming children of any age as soon as their families and the Pastors felt their children were ready.

Is my child the only one in class who hasn’t had communion yet?
About half of all students grades K-5th have not yet taken communion.

What does my child need to know? Do they need to memorize anything?
There is no specific “criteria” that the children must know to take communion. They simply need to have a desire to take it and an understanding that God’s love for them is forever and unconditional. 

Do they have to have their First Communion this year?
No, the decision as to when is a personal decision between you and your child. If you feel this is not the right time, you can wait until you are ready. And if you wait and then decide in a few months it is time, you do not need to wait until we have another class. Simply let us know when you are ready!

Need more information?

We’d love to hear from you and answer any additional questions you have.