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Worship Volunteers

Worship is our opportunity to gather in community to praise our God. Our worship style requires many people each week to provide a meaningful worship experience. Joining this ministry team is a perfect way to serve and get connected.

What worship volunteers are needed at St. John’s?

Youth in 5th through 8th grade are asked to serve as acolytes. They light the altar candles to begin worship and extinguish them to end worship. They hand offering plates to the ushers. They may sit with their families.

Assisting ministers sit with the pastor. During the service, they will read prayers, help with communion and assist the pastor as needed. They are trained by the pastor.

Audio/Visual volunteers operate our projection equipment during services, record sermons, and control the sound board. These volunteers sit at the A/V desk in the sanctuary.

Communion assistants check in with the worship coordinators before worship to be assigned a spot from which to serve communion. They sit with the congregation and come forward when instructed by the pastor to receive communion. After all assistants receive communion, they are handed either the wine or wafers and go to their assigned spot to serve communion to the congregation.

Greeters arrive about twenty minutes before worship begins to stand near the entrance door and welcome people as they enter for worship. They offer a friendly smile, a handshake or a wave, and direct guests to the sanctuary.

Lectors read the lessons for the worship services. Lessons are provided early in the week so readers are familiar with the text.

Perk & Pastries set up volunteers pick up our pastry order from Elmbrook Church, make coffee, and set up the fellowship hall for the time of fellowship after the early Sunday service.
Perk & Pastries clean up volunteers clean up the fellowship hall after

Ushers greet people and pass out the worship materials (bulletins and hymnals) as people enter the sanctuary. They also collect the offerings, usher people to communion, and ready the sanctuary for the next worship service.

How can I volunteer to serve?

Contact our Communications Coordinator with more questions or to be added to our scheduling software, Ministry Scheduler Pro (MSP). You may be added to MSP at any time.

How often will I be scheduled?

As often as you wish! Each schedule covers a three month period. Before schedules are created, you will be asked to update your availability for that schedule. Depending upon the number of volunteers within a ministry, you could be scheduled every other week, once a month, or once a quarter.

Need more information?

We’d love to hear from you and answer any additional questions you have.